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InfoSocial 2018

InfoSocial 2018

We present Northwestern University’s InfoSocial 2018 conference, a student-run conference dedicated to showcasing interdisciplinary graduate student research examining the role of technology in contemporary society. InfoSocial brings together graduate students in fields ranging from Computer Science to Law to showcase their novel ideas, methods, and innovations. Come join us to to hear presentations about exciting technology research from graduate student speakers from around the world from March 9th-10th, 2018. Conference registration is free.


Conference Schedule


Friday March 9th and Saturday March 10th 2018
Friday Conference Location: Frances Searle Building, 2240 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208
Saturday Conference Location: Scott Hall, 601 University Pl, Evanston, IL 60201


Friday, March 9th Event Schedule

Time Event Notes Location
01:00 PM Opens Frances Searle Building, Lobby (building address listed above)
01:30 PM Writing Workshops Qualitative Workshop run by
Professor Larissa Buchholz,
Northwestern UniversityQuantitative/Qualitative Workshop run by
Professor Darren Gergle,
Northwestern University

Note: For submitted abstract authors only.

Qualitative Workshop:
Frances Searle Building, Rm 2-370
Quantitative/Qualitative Workshop:
Frances Searle Building, Rm 2-378
03:00 PM Networking Event Coffee & Icebreaker activities.

All registered InfoSocial attendees invited to attend.

Frances Searle Building,
2nd Floor Atrium
04:00 PM Social Implications of Technology Panel A panel featuring Northwestern scholars discussing media research and its ethical/societal implications.

Prof. Aymar Christian, Dr. Jason Wilson, and Prof. Nicholas Diakopoulos

All registered InfoSocial attendees invited to attend.

Frances Searle Building, Rm 2-107
05:00 PM Registration Closes Frances Searle Building, Lobby
06:00 PM Group Dinner @
Mt. Everest Restaurant
Nepalese Restaurant.

All registered InfoSocial attendees invited to attend.

630 Church St, Evanston, IL 60201


Saturday, March 10th Event Schedule

Time Event Notes Location
08:00 AM Breakfast & Saturday Registration Opens Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
08:30 AM Introductory Plenary Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
09:00 AM Keynote Speaker Lana Yarosh, Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
10:00 AM Session 1: Social Media

Professor Jeremy Birnholtz,
Northwestern University

(1) From indifferent to aware: The importance of identifying upsetting news on social media and changing how people receive it
Presenter: Anthony T. Pinter, University of Colorado Boulder(2) Content Analysis of Concussion Tweets in Professional American Football
Presenter: Alicia Boyd, DePaul University

(3) Parents and children in virtual showcases: Exploring sharenting with a sample of Italian mothers
Presenter: Davide Cino, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy

Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
11:00 AM Session 2: Evaluation

Professor Harsh Taneja,
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

(1) “Peeling the Onion”: A Literature Review on Usability of TOR
Presenter: Sanchari Das, Indiana University Bloomington(2) How to regulate advanced robots and how to legally evaluate their actions and potential harms that can derive by their actions
Presenter: Tjaša Zapušek, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

(3) A Criteria-Based Approach to Feedback in Social Q&A
Presenter: John Frens, University of Washington

Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
12:00 PM Lunch Boxed lunches will be provided Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
1:00 PM Session 3: Communication

Professor James Schwoch,
Northwestern University

(1) A Play-by-Play Account of Esports Casting and its Colorful Implications for Game Designers
Presenter: Lucas D Kempe-Cook, Indiana University(2) Multicommunication during the Carnatic (Indian Classical Music) Concert
Presenter: Madhavi Reddi, Georgetown University

(3) Social Information Practices of New International Students during Transition to a Host Country
Presenter: Chi Young Oh, University of Maryland, College Park

Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
2:00 PM Session 4: Health

Professor Courtney Scherr,
Northwestern University

(1) Finding Answers Across Time: Information needs & practices of chronic kidney disease patients
Presenter: Eleanor R. Burgess, Northwestern University(2) The Suitability of the Asynchronous Remote Communities (ARC) Method for Studying Stigmatized Populations
Presenter: Juan F. Maestre, Indiana University Bloomington

(3) Inmate Narratives: Analysis of The Last Words of Death-Row Offenders
Presenter: Anish Balasubramanian, University of Maryland, College Park

Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
3:00 PM Coffee Break Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
3:30 PM Session 5: Design

Dr. Robin Brewer, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow,
University of Michigan School of Information

(1) Designing for Postal Mail Users in Electronic Mail Services
Presenter: Rebecca C. Kielty, Georgetown University(2) Collaborative Programming: Designing to Support Collaboration in Scratch
Presenter: Joey Huang, Indiana University Bloomington

(3) Sex, Lies and Imitation Games: The Ethical Limitations of an Artificially Intelligent Girlfriend
Presenter: Ellen Kaufman, Georgetown University

Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
4:30 PM Session 6: Participation

Dr. Jason Wilson,
Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow,
Northwestern University

(1) Working in the Shadows: A Cross-Case Analysis of Anonymous Contributions in Online Citizen Science Communities
Presenter: Corey Jackson, Syracuse University(2) Inclusion of Underserved Residents in City Technology Planning
Presenter: Jessa Dickinson, DePaul University
Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
5:30 PM Closing Remarks InfoSocial Committee Scott Hall, Guild Lounge, 2nd Floor
6:00 PM Group Dinner @ Prairie Moon American Restaurant.

All registered InfoSocial attendees invited to attend.

1502 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL 60201


Dedicated to Graduate Students

This conference promotes graduate student research and scholarship and is a venue for us to generate constructive criticism about not only our own work, but also the direction of work across our disciplines. InfoSocial encourages the sharing, presentation, and discussion of early and developing work, and provides a venue to practice in preparation for future conferences. Graduate students who present at this venue will gain feedback from about their research and presentation. InfoSocial 2018 will bring together scholars from several disciplines, spark many intriguing conversations, facilitate new friendships, and garner constructive feedback for attendees at all stages.

Discussion Topic for this Year

This year, we seek to initiate discussions about the design and implementation of technologies and their short- and long-term impacts on our social, political, and economic sociotechnical systems. We ask that you include a final paragraph in your abstract that articulates what you view as the ethical and/or societal implications of your work. For example, does your work point to new ways we should educate users? What are the environmental implications of your work?

How does the technology in your research extend or curtail the power of individuals and different groups of people? Our goal is to initiate conversations about ethical use of technology, civic technology for public and community use, and how technologies can enable a ‘better’ future. These are topics we believe are critical for those who work in this area to consider.

Submission Guidelines

To submit to InfoSocial 2018, please prepare an anonymized extended abstract that explains your research. Please include your methodological approaches and a paragraph about the ethical and/or societal implications of your work (more specifics in the paragraph above). Abstracts should be no longer than 4 pages, double-spaced (references, figures, and tables not included toward page limit). Please format your abstract in either APA or ACM SIGCHI style. When you have finalized your abstract, submit it through the InfoSocial submission portal. The submission portal will be open from November 15 to December 1st.


Note: There will be no fee to attend or participate in the conference. Some meals will be provided, and interested attendees may request to be housed with Northwestern students. While we can make no guarantees, we will do our best to accommodate requests.


The InfoSocial conference is dedicated to being accessible for participants. The InfoSocial committee recognizes that accessibility is a continuous process, both systemic and individual. If you have specific questions or accessibility needs not covered on our website, please email us at

Code of Conduct

InfoSocial is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Our code of conduct and anti-harassment policy can be found here.