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Accessibility FAQ

This FAQ covers accessibility information for the InfoSocial 2018 conference. The InfoSocial committee recognizes that accessibility is a continuous process, both systemic and individual. If you have specific questions or accessibility needs not covered here, please email us at

Will the conference venues be accessible for people with mobility impairments (e.g. wheelchair-accessible)?


The Local Arrangements committee is ensuring that accessible entrances, pathways, and bathrooms exist at every venue on-campus and off-campus. We will arrange furniture so that spacious pathways exist at conference spaces. Local hosts will provide accessibility information on their apartment buildings.

We will set up additional signs for the day of (e.g. where’s the closest accessible bathroom? elevator?) and volunteers to help with navigation. We are also working on annotated maps and photographs so everyone can look at the floor plans in advance and know what to expect when you arrive on campus — these materials will be uploaded onto the website soon.

I plan to attend the conference with an attendant. Do attendants need to register separately? Will food and other resources be provided for attendants as well?

Yes, please let us know who the attendant is and accompanying details via the online registration form’s accessibility request text box. Attendants do not need to fill out a separate registration form. We will account for attendants for conference attendance and food. To reiterate logistics: InfoSocial is free to attend; however transit and housing are to be arranged by the individual.

Do you have screenreader-friendly materials?

Yes! We are working on testing the InfoSocial website and will be happy to share screenreader-friendly versions of the conference handouts. We are also requesting all presenters to prepare accessible versions of their presentation materials. If you find a buggy file or webpage, please email so we can clarify the content and correct the formatting issues as soon as possible.

Will there be captioning?

Yes! There will be captioning for all formal presentations. The Local Arrangements subcommittee will hire CART providers and set up additional technology (screens, overlay or place captions below presentation slides, etc). We will also share a link to the captioning livestream for attendees to view captions on their personal devices (smartphones, laptops, etc). We will share pictures of the setup on the website once we’ve tried and tested the setup.

What about interpreters?

Yes, we will provide interpreters upon request. Please email as soon as possible if you would like to request an interpreter (your preferred interpreter or we will find an interpreter who has experience interpreting for the social sciences and tech in academia) so we can follow up accordingly. We recognize that the informal interactions (research lab open house, coffee breaks, walks between venues, lunches, dinners, etc.) are super important at conferences and interpreters may be preferred during these times.

Where do I mention accessibility requests?

You may make accessibility requests during the registration process. Once registration opens in February, we will have a text box on the online form for you to describe whatever accessibility requests you may have. If the committee needs any clarification on your requests, our Accessibility Chair (Emily Wang) will follow up to ensure everyone is able to equitably access the conference.

Registration isn’t open yet. Who do I contact for more information about conference accessibility in the meantime?

Emily Wang is the Accessibility Chair for InfoSocial 2018. She and the committee would be happy to chat with you about accessibility! Think we’re missing something? Want to say hi? The InfoSocial committee recognizes that accessibility is a continuous process, both systemic and individual. If you have questions, comments, or concerns that have not already been discussed in this FAQ, please email us at